Our systems produce clean, uninterrupted power for critical AC and/or DC loads.

System features:

In the event of AC (utility) power loss, our AC/DC UPS systems can supply back-up power for 24-48 hours, or longer if requested.

Pre-wired and ready to perform

Our systems are pre-wired and pre-tested. All you have to do is install the batteries and connect your load.


Facilities running critical processes and systems rely on DC voltage output because it provides the highest level of power supply dependability. VIN-project takes voltage stability very seriously. To ensure maximum reliability and availability, VIN-projekt engineers utilize redundant parallel mode for certain mission-critical consumers or even entire systems.

Using AC/DC inverters power stored in batteries can be transformed for use of AC loads.

We can provide battery systems that can be charged from alternative power sources like solar panels or diesel aggregates.